Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's National Poetry Month: Let the Fun Begin

Anyone who knows me well knows I get a kick out of National Poetry Month. I'll admit that, like Black History Month or Women's History Month or Men's Health Month--or any of those other celebrations--a month isn't long enough. Not really. But it's a great opportunity to introduce--or reintroduce--poetry to those who may not consider themselves fans, while those of us who love poetry can revel in an exces.. With that purpose in mind, I plan to read poetry voraciously this month and to report on what I read. I will also be looking for chances to hear poet's read their works, starting tonight at Caldwell Community College in Hudson, NC, where NC Poet Laureate Cathy Smith Bower will be reading and tomorrow at noon when she'll be joined on campus by her predecessor in the post, Kathryn Stripling Byer. If you need other ideas for celebrating the month, check out my guest post at Poetic Asides. I invite your ideas and reading suggestions as well. Check back through the month for fun links too.

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