Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something for Everyone

This seems to be my year for sequels and series. Earlier this year one of my sisters kept recommending Glenn Cooper's Book of Souls. Then before I got to it, she advised that it was actually the second book, so she turned me toward Secret of the Seventh Sign first. As I wrote earlier, this book, set in 777AD, post-WWII, and present time, between the Isle of Wight, New York City, and Nevada, was a cross between the typical suspense-driven airplane book and historical fiction like Pillars of the Earth.

Book of Souls follows the same character, recently retired FBI agent Will Piper as he finds himself drawn into danger and intrigue surrounding a book going to auction in London dated 1527. This time Cooper manages to bring in threads of Shakespeare, John Calvin, and Nostradamus.

The novel addresses some serious questions related to God, fate, predestination, and such without purporting to present a solid answers. The question readers may take away, though, is whether or not they would want to know exactly when their own lives will end. Along the way, the story is entertaining and clever, a good summer read.

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