Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Time the Book Is Mine

I've had lots of opportunities to share other people's books here, but finally, I have one of my own. Let the Lady Speak is a chapbook (a small collection of poems, for those who wonder) containing the poems that won the November [2009] Chapbook Challenge on Poetic Asides.

I've been writing with hundreds of other poets on Robert Lee Brewer's site for about three years now, and I have not only been motivated to write more, but I've built some solid friendships with other poets all over the country--and the world.

The collection's theme let me speak through the voices of lots of other women--historical and literary, as well as those in my own life and my own family. The cover shot--a photograph of my mother and me on the day I was born--inspired the first poem in the chapbook.

I've tried out my technology skills and added a shopping cart button right here on the blog, so you can order. My first printing was small, and I have just a few left, but the next printing is in the works. I look forward to feedback from my own readers.


Bruce Niedt said...

Hi Nancy - glad your chapbook is out - I'm ordering a copy, not just to "return the favor", but also because you're one of my favorite PA poets. Take care.

Linda H. said...

Great material, Nancy. Worth every penny and more.

Cerrillos Sandy said...

Can't wait to get my copy, cuz! I'll be carrying it around everywhere so that I can brag . . .