Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ben!

I guess it's official: all of our children are considered legal adults. In about an hour and fourteen minutes, Ben, our youngest, will turn twenty-one. That's one of those milestones that can strike fear into the heart of parents, but somehow I am not terribly worried. Ben, our tie-breaker, has been easy to raise. He can get excited about things for good or bad (about everything from an assignment he feels unreasonable to Tarheel victory.)

He will be rolling into town sometime later this week, trying to figure out what he wants from us for his birthday. The decision to have a third child (or any child for that matter) is rarely made on pure logic. Once you have three children, the parents are outnumbered. Ben had the fortune, sometimes good, sometimes bad, to benefit from our experience with Laura and John. Sleep and potty training went a little better. He walked a little later because his feet never hit the floor. Big sister and brother wagged him everywhere. He is the only one of our children whose birth is recorded on videotape, something that will have blackmail value into eternity.

Right now, I'm waiting until I know he's had time to wake up. I don't know why. He woke ME up twenty-one years ago. Fortunately, on a hunch, we'd had his aunt Emo spend the night so she could stay with Laura and John. Have fun celebrating, Ben, and be safe. As usual, I'll remind you: Dont' forget who you are or whose you are!
Love, Mom



Amber O said...

I don't care what you say... Ben is five years old and wearing a giant grin and a red baseball hat that is too big for his little boy head. And he is telling knock-knock jokes.

Cerrillos Sandy said...

Your Ben and our Corey (granddaughter) are almost the same age. Didn't realize that. She'll be 21 on Halloween. Give Ben a hug for me!