Monday, May 24, 2010

Reading on the Fly

As I get ready to travel to Istanbul with my best friend Debbie and her two daughters, I am loading up my eBook. From my summer list, I've added Pamuk's My Name Is Red, Gaiman's American Gods, Anna Quindlen's One Last Thing, Francine Prose's Anne Frank, and Joanne Proulx's Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet.

My only concern is maintaining the reader's charge for ten days. Other than that,a I am thrilled by the idea of traveling with one slim volume instead of a sack full of books (especially in light of the airlines' money-grubbing move to charge for luggage). Thirteen years ago, I went with Debbie's family to China and brought at least eight books along for the trip. My inner clock was so upset by being on the exact opposite side of the world that I often work at one in the morning certain that it must be morning. I read.

Since I love to read about a place I visit, I am especially eager for other titles besides those by Pamuk that are set in and around Turkey. The area is so rich with history and culture, I could probably read a shelf full of books and just scratch the surface.

In anticipation of a visit to Ephesus while we are there, I am already re-reading Paul's letter to the Ephesians. I'd love other recommendations. While I'm away, I'll try to report back.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved Istanbul and Ephesus! I read Pamuk's book about Istanbul on the plane ride over last year. I agree about packing light when it comes to traveling but somehow I must, must have books with me. My trip this summer will be the first time that I'll be with an e-reader. I cannot wait to test it out.
Let's see, recommendations. One book I read in preparation for my trip was Crescent and the Star which is a nonfiction book on modern Turkey - very enlightening.


Nancy said...

Thanks, Stephanie. I'm just hoping I have the right adaptor to keep my e-reader working!