Thursday, May 7, 2009

Three Reasons I Teach

June, July, and August! That's the teacher joke with a strong element of truth. Today is the last day of my school year. My last student has finished up the exam period, and I have only tail ends of straggling papers to score before I post final semester grades. Many of my colleagues continue to teach through the summer, but as much as I love my job, I need those summer months to recharge my batteries.

I look forward to some short trips--Richmond, Nashville (to see the grandbabies), Chicago, and back home to Florence, Alabama, for the Longshore family reunion. In the meantime, I look forward to some writing projects and, of course, to catching up on those stacks of books that beckon.

I have Pride and Prejudice to re-read for a study guide I'm completing this summer, and for my book club, Kathryn Stockett's novel The Help. In the car right now, I'm well into Jane Smiley's novel Good Faith, a novel set in the world of real estate (a world in which I lived for a time, in fact.) I've always been interested in books written by men using a female protagonist or vice versa. This is such a book, and Smiley writes convincingly (as far as I can know) from the male point of view.

On my Sony E-book, I was finally able to download Geraldine Brooks' People of the Book, a novel that begins in Sarajevo with a protagonist who works studying and preserving ancient manuscripts. Beyond that, I'm an impulse reader. I welcome good recommendations coming my way. For now, though, I'm ready for a well-deserved nap!


Frank 'n' Sandy said...

I taught summer school when we were destitute, but when we became only poverty stricken I didn't do that any more!!! Have you ever looked at Crusin' with the Kinzers, one of my favorite blogs? Erin gave me a magnet with the June, July, and August saying on it. She was always one of my favorite students! Such astuteness for a twelfth grader, huh?

Have you read anything by Lynne Hinton? She's a distant friend of mine, and I really like her writing. Friendship Cake is a great little girls' book. How in the world can I put titles in italics? Drives me crazy not to do so. Do you think my English teacher gene is still active?

Happy Mother's Day!

Briarcat said...

Hi. Followed you over from the Poetic Asides site.
Like what I've read of your poetry.
For your sake I hope you make it to Nashville before summer sets in with a vengence.